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“International energy Organization has reduced by 40 per cent the cost of mobile communications across its global business. Using MobHiTech Team and its expertise in understanding and managing international mobile contracts, we selected new mobile operator through a formal RFP process to a tight schedule, using our Quick Start consultancy package.”



“Driving down data cost for an International Telecom Company

The MobHiTech team has been talking to people across this International Telecom Company in Benelux about how they can use Mobile technology to help them cut their mobile costs.


Employees are based in Benelux but travelling for their activities mainly in Europe to customer meetings. They spend the vast majority of their day speaking to groups or individuals either within their team or in other parts of the company business but also lot of discussions directly with customers. The majority of employees are on move and therefore largely worked remotely.


MobHiTech Team has contributed with their experience on driving cost down for this company in Benelux, organizing a series of workshops to raise awareness and providing support to employees with how to use Mobile Technology and Mobile Apps. The results were very positive as the mobile costs decreased by 28% in few months.