Our consulting portfolio in mobility services

1. Telecom diagnostic

The goal of the diagnostic is to:

  • Establish a baseline of expenses & consumption patterns by country, carrier, user to identify trends and opportunities for savings.
  • Determine problems or operational weaknesses on the system or process level.
  • Uncover savings and optimization opportunities with possible technology alternatives, cost reductions, etc…

The outcome of diagnostic is a document that include different sections with tables and graphics, descriptions and recommendation as well as interpretation of the data. This document covers services, expenses, needs, processes and other relevant

2. Mobile invoice audit

This service consists of comparing and validated billed amounts with carrier’s contractual rates.

The objective is to confirm correct billing by carrier. As a result, MobHitech may highlight potential savings of inaccurate billed amounts (review of monthly charges, options charges, voice and data charges, messaging charges). Once the audit completed, MobHiTech will manage the dispute management with carriers directly on your behalf which leads to credit notes.

3. Tariff Optimization

Tariff Optimization service consists in verifying that the tariff plans applied are aligned with the usages as well as in detecting lines not used:

Optimize the total cost by optimizing the tariff plan e.g.:

  • Flat fee plan versus Variable tariff plan
  • Optimizing / matching usage to the Service Options (e.g. SMS package, Data package)
  • Optimization of the subscription type based on usage

Identification of zero usage/under-usage for any chargeable inventory item:

  • Mobile: SIM cards/subscriptions and Service Options

4. Contract negotiation

MobHiTech will solicit proposals from different bidders to establish a consistent benchmark against which bidder’s proposals can be judged and then enable us to evaluate bidder’s capability to meet and comply with your specific requirements. This service includes the development of the RFP (Request For Proposal), evaluate, select and negotiate new contract with suppliers.

On top of these mobility & security services, MobHiTech has built a separate Consulting Service called “Business in a Box service”

Starting a company can be complicated: lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. MobHiTech makes it easy! MobHiTech consultants handle the details: incorporation, legal advice, tax advice involved in launching your company in the European Union market.